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Six months have gone by since I posted my complaint with several agencies describing how this company ripped me off. I assume getting ripped off by this company is my stupidity for the trust of helping me start a online company which is what they advertise.

They could settle this by just reimbursing what they stole from me. Kevin Yeske and his band of cronies feel the need to take my money and not respond to their actions.

If I can help prevent one person from getting ripped off by BizExperts in Buckeye Arizona then maybe this was worth it. This is what the crook looks like.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of other product and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1500. Biz Experts needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1231156

I had a very good experience with Biz Experts, sucks they went out of business otherwise I would still be working with them. When my contract ran up and Kevin called, and informed me they were in the process of closing down because of a few bad seeds that had cause some issues within the company.

I asked him if he would be able to continue helping me, and he said to be honest with the issues I am having thanks to a few employees, I am not sure I will.

I have emailed a few times, but no response. Hopefully he responds sooner or later because I NEED his services!

Buffalo, New York, United States #1230847

I had the same problem with Elbert Desmond White III. Except it was with another company he was with.

I lost alot of money. Took a morgage out on my house even.. I have been in contact with others who were also scammed by this man. So now....

I wanna play a game... The rules are simple.. Follow the links.. see if you can find his real address..

I have put real images to help along the way. Lets do something about this shall we? Get this *** off the streets.. Everyone report the Attourney General your experiences with Elbert Desmond White III, Desi, Desmond Stevens, Desmond White, Elbert Desmond, what ever he says his name is..

Do the Leg work for them, because they WILL NOT do it. And it only takes a bit of lying on his part or bending of the truth.. I have listed alot of info you can use to show proofs.. Lets get this man put away in PRISON, have him pay the people back who he stole from..

Our Journey begins here, but unfornately there are more companies before this one: MyPhoneRoom - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L15468196

He worked as a sales man where sold extremely High packages to customers - saying anything that needed to be said to make the sale!

This includes Sales of anywhere from 500.00 USD - 30,000.00 USD per customer. Some customers even sent in their most prized posessions to work with this "Great Company". More specifically a Baseball signed by Baberuth that was Stolen.

Alpha Source Media LLC - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L18197459 - He worked here on sales, guess what?

They closed down because of the same issue, Elbert White and Hassan worked together to scam people into thinking they were making money and offered to send fake checks only after they sent more money....

TextMedia LLC - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L19220727 - Sales as well, called people from the previous company and sold them packages and websites that didn't even exist and if one did they all thought they owned it.

Big Heart Transitional Centers - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L13706679 This one was a side project from the looks of it... Nothing really happened here... Maybe because he needed to be licensed to do what the business needed? Forb Financial Marketing Solutions - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L16879390 - Another started project of his, where he failed and as we see from the review I am posting on, Others have had the same issues..

Now if you look you can see he changed the Name of the company and changed it back again... Wonder why? So people could try and file suits maybe? Getting closer...

Closer... I can feel it.. https://imgur.com/gallery/X5fGR So far we have traced Waldo aka Elbert Desmond Stevens III to Phoenix and Casa Grande but can't seem to find him... But it looks like that he made enough here to move from his one bedroom loft and move into a real house...

A house he could use to bring people over and show them what it was like to live "well".... So records of this house pop up ehhhh? Well maybe it will show somewhere else to a business he has... ForbMarketingSolutions.com - http://whois.domaintools.com/forbmarketingsolutions.com - No Info...

DabbleWire.com - http://whois.domaintools.com/dabblewire.com - No Info.... DARN DabbleWire.net - http://whois.domaintools.com/dabblewire.net - Look a recent domain... How nice.. Funny he has all the other domains hidden except this one..

I wonder why... Maybe he forgot because he was in a rush to move to a new company to scam more people... There were a few more tech savy things that were done in order to reach the next response but I will not list those as I do not fully understand what my tech guy did..

And here we go... US MARKETING SOLUTIONS LLC - http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L16879389 which if you look closely has his real address ;) http://imgur.com/a/SbIrW now here is the house ;) https://imgur.com/gallery/X5fGR


I too lost money with the Bizexprets, Kevin seem to really want to help, the guy I had a problem with was a guy named Desmond, I had jude them down under a $1,000 dollars, every time I talked with him he always told me you ow more money, you have a balance. When ever I talked with Kevin he always told me I was good to go you don't ow us anything. Watch out for Desmond I think it was him that called me about a month ago and tried to talk me into spending money with him, I told him to get lost and hung up on him.

to Anonymous Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1148975

It was different with me.Desmond wasn't even working there at 1st. He didn't get involve until I started blasting the company.

Kevin told me there was problems with the Amazon accounting and the banking info had to be temporarily switched to his name. Like a dummy, I did it without thinking, because I thought I could trust him and my knowledge of how the affiliate system worked was limited. After a couple of months I told him to switch it back and questioned the money the site had generated. For the next few weeks he kept asking me if I had received the check yet.

This went on and on and naturally he never mailed a check. Basically he ripped me off of what I paid to start up and what little money the site was generating.

He is an outright thief,liar and fraud and I wish there was something more I could do to him and his company other than hopping on a plane,fly to Phoenix and kick his crooked lying ***. Any other suggestions?

to Richard Henry Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1198390

I wanted to go ahead and share my experience with the Biz Experts, as I saw lots of bad reviews. I worked with Kevin closely and spent about 5 thousand dollars, I even went out and stayed with him for a few months because I was interested in Online Marketing.

Upon coming out, I learned that Kevin and a few other individuals worked for Biz Experts, but Kevin was stuck doing most of the work as most of the employees were just a waste of space. I spent many days, learning the Ideas behind what they call the Full Monty. I watched Kevin help lots of people and also watched him help some people who were completely irate. Someone mentioned Elbert/Desmond in one of these reviews, I would highly recommend you look into him, as he was the head of sales.

From My experience this was the person who people should be complaining about. Shortly after I left, Elbert/Desmond, started a company and started contacting most of Kevin's happy clients and even some disgruntled ones to start making money off these individuals. He even tried to call and tell me about his awesome new opportunity he had. Working with Kevin while I was in the Phoenix area showed me completely, that Kevin was just the scapegoat for what was really going on behind the scene.

A man named Elbert who was trying to leach off of a very talented young man. During my stay I watched and learned several methods Kevin uses to make money online - Web Development, Affiliate Marketing, Lead generation, CPA, and many others. I watched Kevin come up with new ideas and watched him test those brand new ideas and start making money from them typically within a few days. He used to always say, some of my customers are unhappy because they do not see the bigger picture and instead of allowing the time that is needed to make the money they wish to they instead decide to chargeback or call me nonstop, which takes time away from their services to deal with issues.

I kept asking myself how Kevin handles without blowing up on these people, and I think I finally have the answer. I think he realized what was going to happen with Elbert, and was unsure of how to handle it. He was always on the phone talking with lawyers because of the issues he was having because of this Elbert. While this does not excuse your loss of money if there is one.

I will say, I was around his office when you Mr. Henry were calling nonstop cussing him out. He continued to answer your calls and even try to call you back after you would hang up. If I remember correctly you were having issues with your website after changing some settings around and rendering it useless?

Kevin helped you rebuild it something like 4 times while I was there. The sum of the convo I remember hearing was Kevin had stated he had fixed and had to rebuild your website over 5 times, and would require an additional payment in order for him to rebuild it again. At that point I could hear you yelling and cussing. He offered to continue to help you, and even offered eventually to do the site again so long as you did not mess it up and if you did that would require a payment to fix it.

Last thing I heard about Kevin was he had to close down as Elbert had opened a competing business with Biz Experts Clients, Kevin was seeking legal damages as Elbert was calling off the clients asking them to charge back on Biz Experts and even took it upon himself to create an identical website which can be found at HTTP://www.ForbMarketingSolutions.com If I were you I would be very careful answering telemarketing calls as Mr. White is still looking for victims.

to Faws Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1230834

I had good results with Kevin, though I originally signed up with Elbert. Elbert was supposed to do weekly calls with me to go over my business.

Issue was he never called after I paid. I got a hold of Brandon, and he got me connected with Kevin, from there he always made his appointments at that was for about a year when my services were over. I tried to give em a call a few months ago to restart my business because I had stopped to try to do it myself, but looks like they went out of business.

Seems as though this may be the case with Elbert.. I also see there is a new company founded By Elbert White/Desmond Stevens check it out:



to Richard Henry Buffalo, New York, United States #1230845

Do you by chance remember and Elbert? If so Elbert and Desmond are the same person..

to Anonymous #1471404

Yes they are the same person

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